Pitta Dosha

Elements: Fire and Water
Qualities: Hot, gross, mobile, slightly wet, slightly heavy, sharp, hard, rough, cloudy
Location in the body: Skin, Eyes, Liver, Brain, Blood, Spleen, Endocrine, Metabolic function, Small intestine


Pittas have fiery personalities- they love a good debate or events where they can be competitive.

They have razor sharp minds, a witty sense of humour and have the ability to attract others to follow their direction – they make great leaders!

Pittas are extremely focused, punctual, organized and they are list-makers even they have a good, sharp memory; they are perfectionists.

When out of balance they may become aggressive, irritable, over-controlling and over-criticizing.

People of Pitta nature often have a clear but direct way of communicating and acting (which may irritate other people) but they can be counted on to get the job done. Pittas are quick problem solvers, love to go deep into problems and find solutions but have a tendency to be opinionated and controlling.

They like living in luxurious homes, having fancy cars and other ‘expensive toys’; they earn good money and manage they finances well.

Ideal professions: doctor, lawyer, judge, leader, engineer, etc.


Pitta people usually have moderate body builds, not very heavy or very thin, medium in size often with an athletic build, good muscular development. Their skin has nice tone and glows, is often oily, may have freckles or some moles, it may be prone to red rashes or acne.

The features on their face are sharp – sharp chin, nose, and piercing eyes. Eyes tend to be blue or light in colour. The finger nails are pink and strong and their hair is straight and shiny.

Pittas have a tendency to have a receding hairline and/or early balding and are sensitive to the sun:  can easily burn their skin if not careful.


Pittas tend to be on the warm side and are prone to “heated” imbalances like fevers, hypertension, pink eye, and skin problems like acne, eczema.

They body temperature is a little higher than usual so they feel quite warm and may perspire a lot hence they like cool weather and dislike hot temperatures.

They have a strong metabolism, strong digestion and consume large amount of water.
When hungry, Pitta people need to eat quickly as they become irritable.

They weight does not change very much, is stable; Pitta sleep is sound an uninterrupted.

It takes them a moderate amount of time to get out of balance and come back into balance.

Common Pitta disorders:

Fevers, rashes, acne, eczema, inflammatory diseases, hives, burning sensation, ulcers, acid indigestion, blood shot eyes, poor vision, hyperacidity, early greying, worcaholism.

Tips to balance Pitta:

  • Foot Massage with warm ghee is the best to cool down Pitta
  • Keep cool and avoid hot temperatures
  • Do not over-work or over-exercise
  • Remember to RELAX and unwind
  • Have regular mealtimes, especially at noon
  • Favor cool, heavy, dry, sweet, bitter and astringent foods
  • Reduce pungent, sour, salty, warm, oily foods
  • Foods you should avoid: acidic fruits, alcohol, meat (fatty), oily and spicy foods
  • Avoid fasting