Your session – what to expect?

Before your first, initial session you will be emailed a questionnaire to be completed and emailed back at least two days before the session. This will help me to establish the main areas that need to be looked at and to prepare more detailed questions for you when we meet to build up a picture of your structural, nutritional and emotional states and energy level.

During the session I will be carrying out various test muscle tests related to your health concerns and whenever your body indicates, the relevant adjustments will be made. Any adjustments may include:

  • rubbing & massaging the Neuro-Lymphatic points which -when congested –may feel sore; this is to encourage the movement of lymph fluids around the body
  • tracing meridians (energy pathways) to make the energy within meridians flow more freely
  • emotional work using various emotional release techniques such as Tapping, ESR, etc.

I will test different nutritional supplements that are the most beneficial for you right now and that will help your body to regain its health and will support you during the healing process.

I will also find the best Bach Flowers Remedies for any emotional support if that comes up during the session.

Follow up session is usually scheduled for the following month and number of sessions depends on the number of health concerns, their severity and how long you have had them.

Muscle Testing – Pectoralis Major Sternal

Bach Flower Remedies

Muscle testing – Gluteus Maximus

Nutritional Supplements

Muscle Testing – Quadriceps

Muscle Testing

Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing to read the energetic bio-feedback from our bodies to find where health issues stem from, where imbalances/energy drains are and what particular stresses are affecting you.

Muscle testing, combined with other Kinesiology techniques enables the practitioner to find out which system is out of balance and apply the right corrections.

How does Muscle Testing look in practice?

Most muscle tests are performed while you are lying down on the couch, fully dressed.
You will be asked to move your arm (or leg, or shoulder or the head) into a certain position and then instructed to “hold“ while a practitioner applies gentle pressure on the arm for few seconds.

A practitioner will continue with a series of different muscle tests on the both sides of the body, each time placing your arm (or leg, or shoulder or the head) in different positions.

The practitioner then looks at what will restore normal function to these muscles and their related organs by using specialised lymphatic massage, matching nutritional supplements, energy balancing and emotional work.

Muscle testing – Anterior Deltoid

The importance of Nutritional Supplements

Choosing the right supplements for you is an important part of the Kinesiology session.
The high quality nutritional supplements used in Systematic Kinesiology contain nutrients that are designed to make up for shortfalls in our diets and by using muscle testing, the practitioner can chose the exact supplements that you need right now to restore or to improve your health.

Nutrition Gap
There is a difference between the level of nutrients that we obtain from the food we eat every day, following a reasonably healthy diet and the nutrient levels required for the optimal health; this difference is sometimes referred as “a nutrition gap”.

There are many reasons for not getting enough nutrients from our food:

  • poor digestive health affected by a high level of stress
  • eating a significant amount of sugary foods
  • frequent use of antibiotic and prescribed drugs
  • food & lifestyle choices: sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, etc;
  • food processing – severely depletes nutrient contents and increases the need for antioxidants
  • modern farming methods: depleted soil, GMO food
  • transport and storage can affect the nutrient content.

Nature holds the key to health and wholefood nutrients used in Systematic Kinesiology are derived from a number of natural plants hence these supplements are well absorbed as they utilise and replicate the way nature works: whether we are talking about vitamins, minerals, enzymes or supplements created for specifically targeted problems.