• Please tell the therapist if you are suffering from a cold, fever, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, allergies or any other serious medical condition before booking a session. Some conditions may reduce the effectiveness of your treatment or may be contraindicated for the chosen treatment; for more information please contact the practitioner.
  • A practitioner/therapist does not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental disorder, nor does prescribe a medical treatment of any kind. Treatments, therapies and massage are not a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment, and that it is recommended that a client see a physician for these services.
  • A client takes full responsibility for its own health and decisions regarding taking supplements suggested during the session as well as all other advice received during the session.
  • ALL therapies and treatments are not sensual/sexual.
  • The full fee is expected for cancellations with less than 24 hours in advance for any reason whatsoever. For more information please see Booking a Session section.
  • All massage services are offered to female clients ONLY