“The wise man should consider that human health
is the greatest of human blessings.”


I have been practicing holistic and complementary therapies for over 20 years using the wisdom of Western and Eastern traditional and natural medicine, and I specialise in Systematic Kinesiology, Ayurvedic massage & therapies and Reiki.

By integrating the knowledge, methods and healing techniques I have learnt from various different schools and under supervision of experienced and highly respected teachers, I help my clients to restore their health and achieve greater balance.


Ayurveda is prevention-oriented, free from harmful side-effects and treats the root cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms. Ayurveda shows the perfect way to live in a harmony with the Laws of Nature.


Systematic Kinesiology is a holistic approach to natural health care that uses simple muscle testing procedures to read the energetic bio-feedback from the body to find where health issues stem from, where imbalances/energy drains are and what particular stresses are affecting you.


Reiki is a healing practice originating in Japan, based on the Bio-field, or a type of energy field that regulates everything from our cellular function to our nervous system and is classified as a form of complementary medicine.