Vata Dosha

Elements: Air and Space
Qualities: Dry, light, cold, mobile, subtle, rough, sharp, hard, clear
Location in the body: Brain, Heart, Colon, Bones, Lungs, Bladder, Bone marrow, Nerve function, Large intestine.


People of Vata nature enjoy exercise, adventure, travel – they never sit in one place for too long!

They are hyperactive; tend to do few things at the same time hardly finishing them on time or at all. Talkative, think and speak quick and fast, their mind is always active.

Vata people learn new things easily but forget fast; they also tend to make money quickly but spend it quickly too, they are not good savers or good planners.

Ideal professions: artist, writer, painter, journalist, traveller, inventor, teacher, etc.


People of Vata nature have a predominance of the qualities cold, light, dry and mobile, they tend to be slender and can be tall or short with prominent bones, their hair are dry, thin and usually curly.

Face is oval in shape, nose is small, thin, uneven, eyes are also small with small lashes.
Lips are often dry and chap easily, fingers are long and nails are brittle with a tendency to split.

Dry and thin skinned, Vata person is easily browned by the sun.


Vata governs physical movement, circulation, communication, mental activity, sensory perception, motor function, respiration, heart function and all nervous system impulses.

Vata people have poor circulation, their hands and feet are usually cold – they often prefer to wear warm clothes and they hate the cold season; they love summer!

With irregular appetites and thirst, Vatas often experience underweight, digestive and absorption problems, they usually suffer constipation as well as bloating.

Their sleep is often light, disturbed, dreams are active, fearful, restless.

Vata people will quickly go out of balance and quickly come back into balance.

Common Vata disorders:

Constipation, slow or rapid digestion, gas, intestinal cramps, weakness, arthritis, pneumonia, palpitations, breathlessness, low back ache, sciatica, dry / rough skin, lips and hair, stress related disorders, tics, mental confusion, insomnia, nervous disorders, depression.

Tips to balance Vata:

  • Regular Abhyanga – Whole Body Massage with sesame oil
  • Eat warm, cooked foods
  • Avoid raw foods, juices, fasting and stimulants
  • Stay warm in cold, windy weather
  • Have early bedtime, lots of rest and sleep
  • Favour warm, oily, heavy, sweet, sour, and salty tastes
  • Minimize an intake of light, dry, cold, pungent, bitter and astringent foods.