Kapha Dosha

Elements: Earth and Water  
Qualities: Cold, wet, gross, dense, static, dull, soft, smooth, cloudy
Location in the body: Brain, Joints, Mouth, Lymph, Stomach, Pleural cavity, Pericardial cavity, Bodily fluid function


Kapha people are easy going, extremely tolerant and patient. They won’t ever lead, but are very happy to follow. They speak, move and think slowly, never rush.

They are calm, loving people and are not likely to get upset but once you’ve upset a them, they will hold a grudge. Their attitude is positive, mind is steady and once a person of Kapha nature has made up their mind they are not likely to change it.

They get easily attached – to people, relationships, emotions, the past; they love collecting things! And they are great money savers too.

Kapha people love eating, sitting and doing nothing, just enjoying life!

Ideal professions: teacher, healer, nurse, carer, etc.


Kapha people have healthy and well-constructed body with large, heavy bones, thick skin and strong joints. Their skin is usually soft, smooth, pale and oily (clammy) and they have big beautiful eyes and teeth. Their hair is thick, wavy and oily; eyelashes are long, full and curly.

Kapha hands are big with thick knuckles, thick palms and strong nails.


Kapha people have very good and strong immune system and tend to ‘conserve’ their energy rather than spending it. Kapha people have a slow digestion and metabolism and tend to gain weight easily but struggle to lose it.  As they don’t like move too much or do too much, they tend to maintain the same level of energy during they whole life.
Kaphas do not like wet, cold weather.

It takes quite a long time for Kapha people to go out of balance but it also takes time to come back into balance.

Common Kapha disorders:

Diabetes, obesity, hypertension, nausea, bronchial congestion, cold, flu, sinus congestion, allergies (including hay fever),excessive sleep, impaired digestion, poor absorption, lethargy, painful joints.

Tips to balance Kapha:

  • Vigorous regular exercise, a little each day
  • Stay warm in cold, damp weather
  • Go to bed early and rise early too
  • Avoid sweets and sugar
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Favour pungent, bitter, astringent, light, dry and warm foods
  • Reduce heavy, oily, cold, sweet, sour and salty food.